Welcome to Walla Walla Naturopathic

Walla Walla Naturopathic is the health care practice of Dr. Melissa McClintock, a naturopathic physician, located at 903 Howard St, Walla Walla, Washington. Along with Dr. Dino Lucas of Lucas Chiropractic, Dr. Melissa utilizes the administrative services of Elmenhurst Chiropractic Clinic. Three health care practices are in the same building and the office staff handle scheduling and billing for all three.

For more information on Dr. Melissa, her background, education, and interests, please see the Dr. M page.

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is a system of medicine that recognizes the whole person as integral to any healing process.  Mind, body, emotions and spirit are all considered important in diagnosis and treatment, as are physical exam and laboratory tests. Naturopathic medicine encompasses nutrition, nutraceuticals (supplementation), botanical medicine, homeopathy, focused counseling and goal setting in practical and achievable ways. Dr. Melissa also uses acupuncture, meridian tapping and other “energy” therapies as indicated. Dr. Melissa believes that all treatment plans need to be tailored to meet the individual needs of each patient, and to this end she spends time getting to know each patient in order to understand what motivates them and what their obstacles to cure might be.

Naturopathic Education

The naturopathic medical curriculum is a four year post graduate degree program. To enter the student has successfully completed pre-med type curricula. Like medical school, the first two years are largely spent studying basic sciences; anatomy, physiology, chemistry, pharmacology, etc. The education differs in that the naturopathic student’s emphasis is on nutrition, herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, homeopathy and other “low force” or less invasive treatment models while the medical student will focus on pharmaceutical and surgical treatments. The naturopathic student completes clinical rounds under the supervision of licensed practitioners for the last two years of the program. The degree is conferred after the student is able to pass extensive testing in every field covered under the licensure. In addition residency programs are available to continue training at an advanced level. Continuing education (20 hours) as approved by the State of Washington is necessary for re-licensure on an annual basis.

What can Dr. Melissa help me with?

  • Hormone problems causing fatigue, weight issues, mood problems, blood sugar dysregulation, insomnia, depression or anxiety.
  • Autoimmune disorders of the joints, GI or thyroid gland.
  • Gastrointestinal problems with digestion, gas, bloating, constipation, IBS, heartburn or reflux.
  • Female problems with cycles, pain, emotional swings.
  • Skin disorders such as eczema or acne.
  • Headaches (in conjunction with chiropractic).
  • Stress management.
  • Nutritional consultation.

For other issues Dr. Melissa would be happy to schedule a complimentary 10 minute phone consult with you to answer questions and determine if she can be of help.

What should I expect on my first visit?

Prior to the visit you will be asked to complete extensive intake paperwork. This is in order to gather as much information as possible and allow Dr. Melissa to spend time on your primary concerns and getting to know you.
If you have copies of previous medical visits and any lab work that are pertinent to your complaint, it is helpful if you bring those with you.
You may consider keeping a three day diet diary prior to your visit to help Dr. Melissa assess your eating habits.
With Dr. Melissa you will review your intake paperwork and address your main complaints.
Physical exam is performed as needed. You will not be asked to remove your clothing.
Laboratory testing will be ordered as needed.
A treatment plan will be generated with you. It is important that you are able to achieve the recommendations, so Dr. Melissa will be asking you to set realistic goals that you can commit to.
Follow up will be scheduled and you will have access to Dr. Melissa during the interim to ask questions or address concerns.


Welcome and Introduction: This form provides basic information on what to expect at your first visit, and an introduction to the history, philosophy, and practice of naturopathic medicine.

New patients need to complete and bring the following:

MB forms
ONLY IF INSTRUCTED BY DOCTOR, download and complete the following forms:

Does Dr. Melissa bill insurance companies?

Yes, Dr. Melissa is fully credentialed with most of the major insurance companies. The exceptions to this are federal programs which she is not legally able to credential with. If you have questions about your naturopathic coverage, please contact your insurance company for benefits information. You may contact office staff with further questions.